The Top Five Coolest Fords Ever

Nobody makes cool cars quite like Ford. There is something about the unbridled energy of the interiors, the roar of the engine, and the power you can put straight to the road. There are so many cool cars from the premier American car brand, that it is exceedingly difficult to narrow it to one "greatest of all time" but we did manage to get the list down to five just for you.

  • The Lotus-49 may not have been commercially available, but the car has a distinctively fast look, and the power to match. The car was designed for Formula-1 racing and won its debut race in 1967 with the help of Jim Clark at the wheel. The 49 was an advanced design in Formula 1 because of its chassis configuration. The specially-designed engine became a stress-bearing structural member
  • The '61 Lincoln Continental helped define what a muscle car should look like in the 60's. The smooth sides and suicide doors stayed in style for more than a decade, and the Continental cemented its place in automobile history ever since.
  • The Ford Fiesta possibly the oddest choice on this list, the Fiesta is the perfect choice for the everyday college student or commuter. The car gets great gas mileage, has a moderate amount of storage and has seen several redesigns that have given the car a stunning modern look. While it may not turn heads, you're unlikely to find a parking lot without one.
  • The Ford GT reigns in the modern-day super-car market and features a sleek design that simply screams speed. The alluring curves aren't the only thing to admire, however; the car features a powerful 5.4-liter supercharged v8 engine that puts out more than 550 horsepower. And with a frame that weighs just under 3,500 lbs that means some extremely quick speed.
  • The Ford Galaxie is more of a personal favorite since we have one on permanent display at Beach Ford in Virginia Beach. But that being said, there really isn't anything better than a convertible 60's or 70's muscle car from Ford. If you want to see what we're talking about, come to see it yourself and test drive any of the cool cars on our lot while you're there!

What do you think is the coolest Ford out there?

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