Winter Maintenance Tips!

Your car works hard to keep you warm and safe in the dead of winter, and in spring it’s time for us to do our part by performing scheduled maintenance and inspections. These simple tips will ensure your car is perfectly prepared for the road ahead.

1. Start with a much-needed wash and wax. Not only will the springtime air feel invigorating for you, a thorough wash and wax will help stave off some of the corrosion from prolonged exposure to road salt and ice. Make sure to carefully consider the undercarriage and wheel-wells (where road salt can easily go unnoticed.)

2. Check your tire pressure. Cold air during the winter months can change the air pressure in most tires. As the weather heats up make sure that all your tires are properly inflated and balanced. You can easily check inside your car door to find out what the proper air pressure should be. (Be sure to check the spare tire as well.)

3. After the snow melts, be sure to have your brake system inspected. This is the most important part of your car aside from the engine itself, and keeping it maintained (including hoses, lines, brake pads and fluid) should be a top priority.

4. Your batteries, plugs and wires provide the energy to start your car and work harder than in the winter. Winter stress can compromise their performance up to 60 percent. Testing and replacing weak batteries or electrical components at least every three years can help you avoid a costly tow down the road.

5. For a certainly-smooth road ahead, have your suspension and wheel alignment inspected. Potholes can severely damage shocks and struts. Having your car inspected and corrected early could prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future.
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