What's that part? - Cabin Air Filter

A cabin air filter is designed to improve the air quality within your car by filtering dust, particulates, pollution, and other airborne materials before they come through your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This part is especially useful for people with allergies, but is generally not required for most vehicles. Like most filters, over time the cabin air filter will clog and become unusable; this happens over the course of about 12,000-15,000 miles for most vehicles (but check your manual to be sure).

Do all cars have a cabin air filter?

No. Not all cars have this filter, it is more popular on modern models. If a technician recommends that you replace your cabin air filter, and you aren't sure your car has one, be sure to double check or forgo the installation until a later date. For most cars, the filter is located near the glove box and is easily accessible. If you do know you have a cabin filter installed in your model of car and are recommend to change it, ask to look at it first. Depending on how long the filter has been in service, you might be shocked at what you see: leaves, twigs, insects, soot and grime that literally cover the entire surface that comes in contact with incoming air. You'll know it's time for a new cabin air filter.

When should I change my filter?

Aside from mileage, some signs that you need a new cabin air filter are reduced air flow through your HVAC system, such as when you crank up the fan too high and you get more noise than results. Another is persistent bad odors. Even if you don't have these warnings, you should have the filter checked at least once a year, and you may be able to do that yourself.

If you do need assistance, or need to replace your cabin air filter, you can schedule an appointment at Barton Ford Suffolk.

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