Why You Should Get Pre-Qualified

When you’re starting the car buying process, the idea of loans and financing can be complicated and overwhelming. If you’re concerned about your credit, starting with pre-qualification can offer a gentler start to the process.

What is pre-qualification?

Pre-qualification can provide you with an estimate of the rates you may receive on a loan. It is NOT an application for a loan and does not involve the same in-depth research into your credit. When you get pre-qualified with Barton Ford, the only information we need is your social security number, your date of birth, a few details about your employment history, and your contact information. This shorter process is why it serves as an estimate, rather than a guarantee of your rates.

Why should you get pre-qualified? 

When you are just starting your search for your next vehicle, your focus is typically on body style, new tech features, and performance – not your credit. The estimate that pre-qualification provides will give you a more realistic expectation of what kind of loan you can get approved for. When you have more information about how much money you can borrow, you will have a better idea of your budget for monthly car payment.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on your credit, a pre-qualification can help to ensure there are no issues that need to be addressed. If you have an issue you were unaware of before, taking the time to improve your credit can help ensure you get a better loan.

Pre-Qualify with Barton Ford

Barton Ford offers quick and easy pre-qualification on our website. When you provide us with the information we need, we can determine which financing options work best for you. A representative from Barton Ford will reach out to communicate with you about your results, and to help explain what they mean for your car search.

If you aren’t worried about credit, you can skip pre-qualification and go directly to our Finance Application.

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